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Goody two shoes, Lallasa is waiting for her food delivery when her door opens and it's none other than her burn out step-brother, Sonny Hicks with her food. After some bickering, Lallasa leans her giant, wet booty into Sonny's lap and feels her boner. Sonny lets go of his inhibitions and lets Lallasa yank off his pants and suck off his dick. Then, he lays his step-sister on her desk, slides her dark lacy lingerie to the side and jams his pecker in there and pounds her. In the middle of drilling her, Lallasa stops and squirts a geyser of fuckhole juice out of her vag. Sonny gets back to screwing her slippery fuckhole and makes her squirt yet again!

Preston runs into his friend's hot little sister, Cali Carter! This blond bombshell hops in his ride and goes to Preston's house where she immediately pulls herself close to him, her hands already roving down his pants. Unable to resist her pure hotness, Preston watches his huge manhood get sucked and can't believe how tight Cali's beaver is when he slips his manhood in there. Suddenly, in the middle of his pumping, Cali pauses and blasts muff juice all over his stomach! Looks like we got a bonafide squirter here! Cali must've hosed out gallons before Preston squirts her with his own sex juices!

French-born Asian diva, Sharon Lee is so fucking hot! This chinese diva is all natural with juicy c cup melons and quite the perky rump for an Asian. After going doggy-style and spreading her pussy lips, she gets some serious tongue-twirling oral action from Talon! After some fast and furious finger-pumping, Sharon moans super loud and lets loose a stream of beaver juice all over the couch and on the floor! She thanks him for that tasty squirting orgasm by blowing his shaft real good! Then, this firm Asian starlet lays back and gets pounded but it ain't but ten strokes before Sharon lets loose another sexual waterfall of slit spray!

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